Here is what I am planning this week.  I don’t have any amazing recipes, most will be done on the “fly” since we are SUPER busy this week!  I know you are, too, so I wanted to show you how a busy mom really can make healthy food for her family!

I will chop and prep as much as I can tomorrow to make the rest of the week easier.

 Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack
1 Pineapple/Spinach Smoothie Salad (Romaine, Mushrooms, peppers,  Tomatoes, Carrots, Cucumbers) Broccoli/Peppers/Mushrooms (with Chicken and sweet potatoes) Left over fruit
2 Pears/Oatmeal Salad (Spring Mix,  peppers, Tomatoes, Carrots, Cucumbers) Cauliflower, Red potatoes(with Meatloaf) Cucumbers
3 Pineapple/Yogurt or cottage Cheese Kale Salad Corn, (with baked Chicken) Carrots
4 Bananas /Eggs  Wrap with chicken, avocado, spring Mix, Tomatoes Zucchini/Yellow Squash combo grilled with Steak  Raw Broccoli
5 Peaches /Oatmeal  Juice: Kale, Lemon, Cucumber, Carrots, Celery Carrots Slaw, Broccoli (with Pork)  Fruit
6 Pineapple Spinach smoothie  Broccoli, pepper, onion Salad  Tomato/Cucumber Salad with Turkey Sausage/Pasta
7 Apples/Oatmeal


So there you have it!!!  We’ll be eatin’ goooood this week!

Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you might have, ok?

Blessings to you!!