People ask me this question all the time.  When they hear about the co-op, they ask if we really do eat all those veggies every week, and when I say “yes”, they ask me how?

So….I thought I’d share!

Here is what we will probably eat this week.  As you can see, all of our fruit and “salad” veggies are eaten raw, with little prep.  The “dinner” veggies are simply chopped up, usually with a little added onion/garlic and sauteed very quickly so as not to lose the nutrients.  All of these foods are vibrant, and good tasting, and very kid-friendly.  I often prep and cook many veggies at once to save time!

 Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack
1 Cantaloupe/Eggs Salad (Romaine, Radishes, peppers,  Tomatoes, Carrots, Cucumbers) Asparagus/Peppers (with Fish and Rice) Left over fruit
2 Strawberries/Oatmeal Salad (Romaine, Radishes,  peppers, Tomatoes, Carrots, Cucumbers) Cauliflower, Red potatoes(with Meatloaf) Cucumbers
3 Pineapple/Yogurt or cottage Cheese Salad (Romaine, Radishes, peppers, Tomatoes, Carrots, Cucumbers) Green Beans/Peppers, Red Potatoes(with baked Chicken) Carrots
4 Bananas /Eggs Zucchini/Yellow Squash combo (with Spaghetti)
5 Oranges /Oatmeal Glazed Carrots (with Chicken and Pasta)
6 Strawberries/Eggs
7 Apples/Oatmeal

You can see that this week we actually run out of food, and since we also juice, and drink smoothies- we could almost use two bins per week!  Because we do the co-op every week, I often have a little holdover of veggies like onions, potatoes, hard squashes, and green beans, so on the weeks I fall a little short, I usually have a little something on hand.

I consistently buy baby Spinach, cucumbers, celery, juicing carrots and apples in addition to the co-op because that’s what our family always needs more of.

If you chose to eat what you get in your bin (rather than going to store and buying what you are “hungry for”:)), you can see by the above example that you would need only to buy your protein, carbs, extra lunch items – and you’d be set! So – $30.00 for your co-op veggies, plus approx $65.00 in proteins, carbs and extras feeds our family of four VERY well for the week.

You could still afford to have your “pizza” night !

It also bears mentioning that you’d eat far less calories following this method of eating, you are taking in a higher level of nutrients every single day, and getting a lot of variety in your diet.

This is a win-win situation!  I hope this inspires you to make the changes you’ve been wanting to make, and that you see that you really can do it!!!

If you are not sure how to cook any of these veggies, check out my Pinterest page “Carlita’s Bowl” and click on the board for the veggie you want to learn about!

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Blessings to you!

Carla Horning