Hello There!!!

Well, Since our next co-op comes early because of Thanksgiving (in 5 days), I decided to use this week’s bin selection as an object lesson.  I also didn’t want us to all be overloaded with food when Thanksgiving comes!!!

Here is what we got this time- about 2/3 of what we normally get! (I’ll explain why…)Image

  • (1) large head of Romaine Lettuce
  • (1) pkg Grape tomatoes
  • (2) Acorn Squash
  • (4) Red Peppers
  • (1) Bunch Kale
  • (1) Baby Carrots (bag)
  • (4) Red Pears
  • (1) Head Cauliflower
  • (1) bunch Green onions
  • (2) Large Grapefruit
  • (1) 6 oz pkg Blackberries
  • (2) large Gala Apples

PLUS – Your choice of two “Extras” of something already in your bin (not in this picture).

People often ask how and why I decide to purchase the food I do.  Today is an excellent picture. Here;s how it all begins:

Today I had $400.00 to work with.  I usually spend about $6.00/wk on food safe bags to sort veggies into, and I keep $10.00 aside in case I need to tip the guys helping to load my van at the Produce wholesaler.  Today, knowing that I wanted to buy less food (possible hold some money back for next co-op), I was overjoyed when I saw that there were food safe bags on sale, 1000 bags for $10.00 (a big savings from grocery store or Sam’s club prices) – so I bought two.  So, $400.00 – 20.00 (bags), minus $10.00 tip left me with $370.00 to work with.

Here is a breakdown of what I spent:

Produce Name Qnty? Case Pr Total
Romaine 24 heads 20 20
Kale 24 bunches 18 18
Baby Carrots 30-1 lb bags 28.5 28.5
grape toms 12-7oz pkgs 14 28
Blackberries 12 pkgs 18 36
grapefruit bushel 25 50
Acorn Sq bushel 8 16
cauliflower 12 heads 20 40
Red Peppers bushel 30 30
Apples 64 ct case 33 33
red pears 100 ct 31 31
Green onion 24 10 10
Extra Romaine 8 heads 10 10
bags 20
**Individ. Items 14.82
tip 10
Total: 395.32
Left: 4.68

Here are a few examples where we run into our “savings” differences:

  • I usually pay $15.00 for 50 pounds of carrots. Today, I spent $28.50 for 30 lbs.
  • Tomatoes: normally $11-16 for 40 pounds. Today, I paid $14 for  5.25 lbs
  • grapefruit – they were so big that I had to buy two cases, using 1/8th of my budget on one item….
  • Blackberries – still a savings at 1.50 per small box…they are out of season, and 3.99 per package in the store. Still alot of money for a small item.
  • Cauliflower – not too expensive, but I have to buy 2 cases so that everyone can get one complete head….this is a problem with Melons, too….

All this to say, if you wonder why I don’t buy many items that are already packaged, or cut for you – steamer bags full of broccoli, or mini carrots – this is why!  They just don’t represent the saving that I want this co-op to offer us!

Thank you for your patience as I work out all the kinks in this process!

Happy Eating!